Do you want to study in China learning Chinese, experiencing different culture this summer? East China Normal University has launched a Study China Summer Program. In this program, you can learn Chinese language, Chinese cultural class and visit the oriental scenic spots.See more Apply tips.

If you apply now, you have the chance to win the tuition exemption, worth RMB 6880 ($1145). There are 5 free places. You can get it by share the activity to friends on facebook or twitter. You will get more chances to get the prize when your friends apply the program. So don’t be hesitated, apply now, to be the lucky one!

Program Introduction

1. Duration:  Jul.08 to Aug.03 (4 weeks, 15 hours/week)

2. Location: Shanghai

3. Application Deadline: Jun.14

4. Tuition: RMB 5000 ($850)

5. Entry Requirements: Above 16 years old; Healthy; Valid passport.

6. Chinese Class: PINYIN, speaking, comprehension, writing

7. Culture lecture: Taichi, Chinese Calligraphy

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