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Sun Yat Sen University

Study and Life in Sun Yat Sen University

It’s funny how 3 years have gone by already and I still feel like I’m so new to here; Guangzhou and Sun Yat Sen University of Medical Sciences. I need Fresher’s Party for the new students every year to remind me of where I once stood and where I’m standing now. However hard indeed it...

My Amazing Six Years In China

  My amazing six years In China By: Neha Urvashi Gunnoo (Mauritian student shares her experience in Sun Yat-Sen University studying MBBS) The draught of humid and hot air that slapped me in the face when I alighted from the bus from Hong Kong airport some 6 years ago, woke me from my slumber and...

Third Prize Winner of CUCAS Essay Competition–Christine Yu

  By: Yu, Christine Joy Ngan In the Philippines, it is quite popular to study abroad, but not in China. Apparently, I am the first one among my family, cousins and friends to go to China for college. Most overseas Chinese (I am an overseas Chinese from Fujian) from my country go after graduating college in...