Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications (a?�a?�e��c��a��a��i??BUPT) locates in the capital in China,A�founded in 1955, isA�one of the first a�?Project 211a�? universities, and it has also joined the a�?Project 985 Innovation Platform for Superior Disciplinea�?.

Below is an e-map and some detail information ofA�several important main buildings in BUPT’s campus.

bupt's map

1. Library—for study

If you want to borrow different kinds of books, the library of BUPT is definitely your place to be.

You can find Public Access Hall,A�Information Consultant Room andA�New Book Borrowing and Reading Room on the west of the North zone on 1st floor.

Second floor is equipped with central stack room and multimedia reading room.

Central stack room is in the middle hall of 2nd floor, where has literatures in various printing plates; foreign books including books in English, Japanese, Russian and German etc.; besides, it also has sets in minority languages and English sets before 1992.

Multimedia reading room locates on the west zone on 2nd floor: it has various multimedia and electronic databases such as tapes, videotapes, VCDs and DVDs; as well as floppy disks and compact discs attached to Chinese and foreign books and periodicals.

On top of those, you can also find reference books (i.e. archives of BUPT) on the south on 2nd floor if you need any.

Reading room for Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals (Copy Room) is on the northwest of 3rd floor, besides, there is also aA�reading room for Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals where stores English books and other types of foreign books except Russian books, so thatA�you can choose to read printed in your own languages.

library(Outside view of the library of BUPT)

2.Indoor Pool&Gym—for relax

We all get tired of learning sometimes, so it’s ok and convenient for you to relax yourself in campus.

BUPT particularly has a large indoor pool for swimming lovers, it locates in the east gate of the campus.

Some details you may find useful:

(1)Water temperature: 27a�?. A� A�A�Depth of deepwater: 1.9 m-2.1 m. A� A�A�Depth of shallow water: 1.2 m-1.6m.

(2)With bathrooms, the timekeeping shower nozzle is 1 minute/0.3 yuan, and the stocker is 1 yuan/once.

(3)Real-name card is needed for swimming. Procedures: pick a medical examination form from the reception desk of the gym, check up on the third floor of the school hospital and have stamp on the form. Then bring the ID card and the form to handle the card in the reception desk of the gym. The cash pledge is 10 yuan, which will be given back when the card is returned.

(4)Opening Hours of indoor pool: 3:00 PM — 9:30 PM
Working hours for handling cards: 9:00 AM a�� 11:30 AM; 1:00 PM a�� 8:30 PM

(5)Price for handling cards: Card for once: 25 yuan;
Card for 30 times: 480 yuan; Card for 25 times: 400 yuan

Notice: the two types above are quarterly cards, which can only be used personally and must be used up within 3 months. Overdue use will be invalid.

Card for 50 times: 800 yuan.
Notice: this type of card has no limit in number of people, and several people can use it at the same time, which also must be used up within 3 months.

(6)Required equipments in indoor pool:
Male: swimming trunks and swimming cap, swimming goggles as an option.
Female: swimwear and swimming cap, swimming goggles as an option.
Notice: Slippers are not allowed in indoor pool; people in deepwater region must have deepwater certificate. See (7).

(7)About obtaining deepwater certificate:
Standards for the examination of deepwater certificates:
Swimming: 200 meters for male and 150 meters for female (no limit in swimming strokes). Continuous swimming, without limit in time; no stop or holding to the pool side midway.
Treading water for 30 seconds. Requirements: treading water on site, with the head above the surface and hands holding up above water.
Charge: 10 yuan
Photo: a one-inch black-and-white or color photo.
Test procedures: A�Fees&photo—Site test—A�Obtain the certificate at once if qualified

sp(Inside view of the indoor pool)

About the gym

Besides the indoor pool, there are alsoA�badminton hassle, table tennis training hall and fitness center in the gym.

For your info, it is 30 yuan/hour for table tennis, and remember to bring your own table tennis bats and balls.

The site of badminton is equipped with wood floor. It is 20 yuan/hour from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m., and 30 yuan/hour in the afternoon, and 40 yuan/hour at night and on weekend.

Also, real name registration is needed for the card of the fitness center. As for the campus card, it is 270 yuan for a quarterly card and 120 yuan for a monthly card.A�Opening hours: 3:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.. It offers multiple equipment and large space, and the air flow is quite good.



3. ATM and supermarket—for ordinary life

a�?How to find the ATMa��

Get in from the west gate and turn left. Then you will see it.



a�?How to find the supermarketa��

After you see the ATM, walk along the road and turn right at the first corner. Then youa��ll soon walk into the main road.The market is right there.

If you want banks and markets out of school, you can have a look on the following map.





(This piece of article is based on the information offered by Ms. TENG Yiting)