1.Public Transportation

The public transportation around Beijing Forestry University is quiet convenient. Many bus lines set a site at the South Gate of BJFU, the site is named Beijing Forestry University station. Buses can drive you to the center of Beijing or some famous places or attractions. Among these buses, No.355a�?No.438 or 110 are mostly taken by BJFUa��s students. And they always take these three buses to the subway Line 13 or Line 4. And the nearest subway station is the Wudaokou subway station, which is in the Line 13. The Wudaokou station is very close to the important Xizhimen subway station. And the second nearest is the East Gate of Peking University in Line 4. Walking from BFU to the Wudaokou subway station takes about 15min and it normally needs to take a bus to the East Gate of Peking University for about five stops far away from BJFU.



There is a train line at the crossing of BJFU as well, so there will be few trains going through there during daytime, and during these periods, there must have a terrible traffic jam. Sometimes people have to be trapped in the intersection for about one hour. And the busiest time for the buses is 7am-9am and 5pm-7pm, therefore, during these periods of time, the traffic situation around BJFU would be very terrible. But in addition to these two periods, the traffic goes smoothly.

The same as the bus situation, the subway becomes quite busy between 7am and 5pm, people have to queue for a long time before going into the subway station.


2.From the airport to BJFU

The distance between the airport and BJFU is about 35 miles

Option1 : If you take taxi from the Beijing Capital International Airport to BJFU, it will cost about 100yuan and take about 40 min.

Option2 : You can take No.6 airport bus to the Olympic Village station and then take bus (No.110) to BJFU, which will take about 2 hours totally.

Option 3: You can take Airport Express Line at the airport to the Sanyuanqiao station and change to Line 10 to Zhichunlu station and then change to the Line 13 to Wudaokou station. It will take about 1.5 hours and you can walk from the subway station to BJFU or take a bus.


3.Nearby facilities

The most famous and bustling entertainment center near BJFU is called Wudaokou and the most makeable building is the Hualian shopping center. Besides the Wudaokou subway station is also set here. In this area, there are many restaurants, shops and clubs, as well as many delicious snacks around here.



Another place for BJFUa��s students to buy things is called Jinma Building. In this five-floor building, there are a lot of small shops selling clothes, articles for daily uses and other entertainment things. Goods in Jinma building are always cheaper than the Wudaokou area. It takes only about 10 min to walk to the Jinma Building from BJFU.



There are two cinemas around BJFU. One is at the Wudaokou area, called Wudaokou Workers Cinema, but this cinema has a long history and the equipment is a kind of old. The other one is at the fifth floor of Merry Mart called Jiahua International Cinema, which is much more comfortable than the Wudaokou Workers Cinema. Ita��s very close to BJFU too, walking from the north gate of the university to the cinema only takes 10 min.



(This piece of article is written and provided by Ms. LI Wenqian)