1. School canteen

BJFUa��s canteens can be very famous among all universities in Beijing. a�?Girls in Beijing Foreign Studies University, boys in Tsinghua University, the school campus of Peking University and the meal of Beijing Forestry Universitya�?—this widely-spread phrase confirms the quality of BJFUa��s food.

No.1 student canteen and the Shenyuan canteen:

These two canteens are located in front of the male dormitory and are very close to the library and the No.3 and No.4 teaching building. The environment of the dinner is quiet good and there are plenty kinds of food which have a moderate taste for every student. The No.1 student canteen serves more pasta and cooked food which taste good. Besides, students can recharge their student card there, which is very convenient. The fried chicken in Shenyuan canteen are very delicious and much cheaper.

Qinyuan Canteen:

The Qinyuan canteen is located downstairs the No.10 female dormitory. The flavor of Qinyuana��s food would be a little more spicy. The canteen serves longer than other student canteens and you can also choose a half portions if you want.


Yayuan canteen and the No.2 and No.3 student canteen:A�

These three canteens are located nearby the sports ground. They provide rich amount of meals and breakfast in these three canteens are particularly good, so they are very popular among students.


The Muslim canteen:

Many foreign students pay great attention on whether a university in China offers a Muslim canteen, especially for those whoa has religious faith. But in BJFU, there is no need to worry about this because there is a Muslim canteen locating right inside the No.3 student canteen (which is mentioned above), and it is just set to respect different national habits of BJFUa��s students.

The Guagua Snacks City:

Ita��s located in the fourth floor of the No.2 student canteen. It serves from 10am to 10 pm. There are plenty of snacks, basic dishes and small hot pot buffet which taste quite good. The environment of the canteen is also very comfortable.




2. Restaurants near school

If you are tired of eating at the school canteen, you can also try some delicious restaurants near BJFU. And below are some personal recommendations.

The Arjun Restaurant:

Ita��s located across from the Tsinghua Tongfang building, the environment is quiet and comfortable, the dishes is exquisite and price is reasonable. It also has a special roast duck which is very delicious.


The Soya milk and Fish hot pot:

Ita��s a special hot pot restaurant which is the most popular hot pot among BJFUa��s students. Ita��s not as spicy as other traditional hot pot and it has rich types of vegetables and other food.



Besides, if you want to have some fast food, KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, MR.PIZZA can all be found in Wudaokou area.


(This piece of article is written and provided by Ms. LI Wenqian)