As a volunteer in Beijing Forestry University, I have been helping foreign students for two years. According to this two-year experience, I have some suggestions for you if you want to apply a dormitory in our campus.

At the beginning, if you want to apply a room in our university, you need to do the following steps.

First of all, you do not have to worry about the availability. The international communication office will help you arrange a room in advance. When you get there, you have already had a place to live. And then if you want to leave outside or change your room, you need to ask for a form from international communication office to fill in, and then hand it to the staff. They will help you to solve your problems.

International Communication Office’s TEL:A�010-62338271

You can consult detailed issues, and ensure everything is properly arranged before your arrival in the phone call.

To be contrasted with renting an apartment, applying for a room in our campus is more economical and money-saving. The housing for international student in our school contains two different parts. The first one is located in the south part of our school, the NO.6 Building, which has six floors but only the sixth floor is for international student. The other is near the malea��s dormitory, the NO.11 Building.

Below is a map of our campus, and you can find those two buildings’ location as well as the south gate and front gate of our campus so that you won’t be lost after your arrival.


Both of those two buildings have the same layout. The dormitory for our foreign students is equipped with the essential articles for daily use, such as single bed, independent bathroom, as well as air conditioning and rear projection TV.

Two students share a 30-square-meterA�room with two beds paralleled placed in. Each of you has your own desk and personal clothespress. And the bathroom is public use for you two.

In this semester, we have a new international student dormitory which is next to the original first canteen. That room is larger than the former one. You have your own bedroom and studying area, although you still need to share the bathroom, however, it still had been more comfortable than the previous one. The independent kitchen allows you to cook for yourself. Meanwhile, the supervisions of the dorm are warm-hearted, if you have any doubts about anything, you could tell them, and they are prepared to help you all the time.

(In order to protect privacy of foreign students, following pictures are finding on the internet, these are shooting in our university by other photographer).



Additionally, if you insist to rent a house out of our school, I suggest you that you must find a Chinese friend to help you. Otherwise, you would be tricked by some renting agencies.

(This piece of article is written and provided by Ms. YU Honglei)