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Monthly archive May, 2014

FREE Chinese Lessons!

FREEA�Chinese Lessons! Shuoba! Chinese Center, located at C-910, U-Center, will conduct FREE Chinese lessons at the following dates. You are most welcomed to come and experience our FREE Chinese lessons! When Chinese Course Tuesday,A�A�A� A�A�13:00-18:00 Clear Pronunciation (50 minutes/class) [group class] Wednesday, A�9:00-12:00             Call or Email us to book...

Shuoba Summer Trip in Shidu!

Introduction Shidu Scenic AreaA�is located in Shidu Town ofA�Fangshan District, about 100km southwest of downtown Beijing.A�Shidu Scenic areaA�mainly refers to the Juma River cutting through the north of Taihang Moutains with a length of 20km. There used to be 10 ferries along the Juma River, hence the name a�?Shidua�? which literally means a�?10 ferriesa�?. Actually...