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Monthly archive January, 2014

My Study&Life Experience at Dalian Medical University(DMU)in China

ByA�Chiwala Gift It has been said before that a journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step and the same applies even in all aspects of life that includes academic journey. This is because; you have to embark on the process way back before the time of the journey itself and when it...

Vietnamese student’s experience in Southwest University

Studying Chinese and being able to study in China is my dream. Now, finally myA�dream is come true. I have been in China, in South West University to live and study myA�major of Educational Economy and Management. I first came to China in September, 2011 to study with China Government Scholarship.A�To get this scholarship I...

Student Shares Study and Life Experience in Wenzhou University

After graduating from senior high in my home country Papua New Guinea, I never thought that studying abroad would be possible for me. On the news paper one day, there was an article stating that scholarships were available and given to students who wished to pursue their studies in China by the Government of China...